Adventures in the Land of the Muggles cont…..

I swear with nearly all of me that the zombie apocalypse has already begun when i see more people around me with eyes glazed over everytime you try to speak to them. It wasn’t on the agenda for the day. It seems as if people allot themselves enough brain energy for the tasks they have mindfully planned out and beyond this agenda, any new dialogue or deviation in the program of events today will only add confusion to the poor saps.  What am i speaking in regards to you ask? Currently my beef is the public school system.  I may have mentioned in my last blog about the muggle world, that I have a severe disenchantment with the system as a whole. The government controls the education of our children and therefore can have more say into telling us as tax paying adults , how to live. The latest insult was when the school bus drove past my house, stopped briefly to tell my daughter(who doesn’t even want to be there anyway) that her bus was full and she could not take Isabella to school that day.  She drove off just before i pulled back into our drive to find my child still standing there. I have to drive my middle school daughter a mile away from my house to the nearest bus stop because the mile walk has no sidewalks or even a shoulder for anyone to walk on and being that its just over the county line, there will be no sidewalks anytime soon. This makes the road far too dangerous for my children to walk home through. The “not so funny” twist is that the high school kids get dropped off after the middle school bus runs. The high school bus has to stop at the same location as the middle school bus.  The high school bus driver will drop off the kids at that main bus stop and passes my house on her way back to the school or home to return the bus so she doesn’t make my high school daughter walk that last mile(just shy of a mile)she drives her to my home on the same route and drops her off. Along that drive she passes my middles school child walking to my house. I asked her if my youngest could just wait at the bus stop when she is dropped off at the end of the school day and then get on her bus as she takes my elder daughter home. She stated that she isn’t supposed to take LaLa home as its an unscheduled stop and therefore she cannot pick up my youngest and let her ride with to my house. The irony of the whole thing is that she is the one who nearly runs my kid over everyday driving my other child home!! The particular school i refer to is a few miles away from my home here in South Knoxville, TN. I only say this because anyone who gets a hankerin to inquire about this rotten school can easily look it up now.  hehe. This is hands down the worst school in the the entire area. My children went from a smaller country school then to private school , then homeschool and straight on to detention….i mean South Doyle.  I am sure it was named after some white man redneck who killed a bunch of Indians back in the day and made all his kin proud so he became famous for shooting a bunch of innocent people in order to establish his white family here in East TN. ugh. Tn has mentality all its own.  If half of what comes out of the mouths of people here in TN came out of the mouths of people up north or out west , it would most likely be on the evening news and the companies would be under investigation or scrutiny with the watchful eye being the public. Here in TN, you can be as rude as you want or as shady as you feel by abusing even a small amount of power like working the photo booth at the DMV for example and because you have been there forever you are guaranteed that position as long as you show up for work everyday. Tennesseeans’ by and large are kind and welcoming people. That is because most of them now have transplanted from somewhere else.I digress. The first day of the  high school year, i walk into my daughters school office and everyone looks like they have been drafted to be there. The only job where you get an entire summer off and your first day back you are already miserable and pounded out negative vibes??? One should be at least required to smile when greeting the public each morning at such a place of employment. LaLa’s first day of her senior year in a school where she knows noone, she began her unfortunate experience that day by being dragged from one end of the school to the other five times by all the teachers and staff telling her where she should go.  Noone seemed to know. By the time she figured out where she truly was supposed to be it was the first room she went to that morning. The teacher nonchalantly passed it off as no big deal that she sent LaLa on a wild goose chase by saying she wasn’t assigned to her room. Being a new student should entitle one to some sort of guidance or special assistance as a welcoming to the new school.  Every teacher assumed she has been to the school before and expected her to know the schools policies and customs as well as all the staff on her first day. Not one single high school teacher had enough environmental awareness to see that by LaLa’s confusion she might be a new student. We teach our kids that there are no such things as bad questions.Even in our adult world we still train our workers with this concept in order that they may be fully informed and properly informed so as to minimize or avoid mistakes that might lead to injury or whatever. But in this high school (and the middle school carrying the same name) you can be sure you will get scolded or insulted or even cussed at if you ask questions. Most of the time in my experience it has been that the teachers get insulted at my children for asking questions that seem simple or trivial to the teacher. Well if you a new student then you are left to ask the questions or ask find out from other students(this leaving you much more susceptible to getting in trouble for talking when you shouldn’t)My youngest daughter was asked if she was on drugs by a teacher in her first week of school because she asked him a question that insulted him. After a few days of this guy talking to my youngest daughter this way, he finally yelled out that she acts like she had never been there before. She finally stated to  him that she was a brand new student to the school and the county. He was surprised. From then on he was much nicer to her and after a few weeks all the teachers realized that my daughter was a very well behaved student who actually participated in the class. She did the work. She was smart. Everything changed for her.  LaLa was not surely so lucky. it seems when you speak out against the system to the staff of an institution who has become married to their job, the whole school flares up its ego and defends eachother rather than try to remedy the situation. I wrote a note to one of the teachers within the first week of school and since that day she has made it her personal mission to tease my daughter and talk against her in front of the whole class. Instead of realizing that my request may have had some validity to it. She had been basically expecting the students to sit and watch some film and complete a worksheet as the answers were presented in the film. After it was over she noticed most of the students had not finished the worksheet so she gave all the answers to everyone so they could fill in the assignment and turn it in. Personal finance became a required course for seniors for a reason.l Because so many young people are clueless about thier own personal finance and upon graduation , they tend to max out credit cards and find themselves unable sustain themselves financially in the adult world. Many kids ruin their credit shortly after becoming old enough to establish it. My daughter would come into her class and someone would comment on how much they liked her outfit ….the teacher would speakout in front of the whole class by saying LaLa was in the wrong decade in regards to the compliment a student made. Totally inappropriate. LaLa wants to be successful. Her Daddy only sees success as perfection in physical fitness and making lots of money and wearing the right labeled clothes. She carries so much pressure already to measure up to his impossible standards. Being a brand new student in your senior year and having no friends has got to be one of the most unfair parts of being a teenager. She is so amazing. This school does not foster anyones positive attitude. It does not encourage creative expression. It is a sinking ship consumed by stress over the terrible attendance by teachers and students. How can anyone expect decent results from a school and its staff members who cannot even see the importance of showing up? This makes sense to me. But by focusing only on attendance or tardiness is not the solution. This school is so preoccupied by these such numbers and improving them that they forgot about everything else. A student could be getting all A’s in school but if they are tardy even once they get in-school suspension. As long as the kids show up on time they can glide by everyday in this school because the teachers will feed them the answers in order to keep up numbers. The numbers decline then teachers jobs are at risk. The students may not be learning anything but the numbers look better. My daugher went from zero to failing in her AP English course because the teacher gave the students their first three grades from assignments they completed the previous year. Since LaLa was not at this school the previous then she had to recieve three zeros which brought her grade to a zero and school had only been in session for ONE WEEK! The instructor said it was a county wide policy and there was nothing she could do about it.

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