Where in the heck have you been??

My one thing is to be able to let it all go right here! Noone has FORCED me neglect my choice for solace. I have chosen to put everything in front of my desires to sit and express.  However can this student ever get anywhere if I refuse to get out of the gate? I notice that i have grown a bit too cynical at times and its not my preferred way:) Getting stuck in such a place can make it all to easy to neglect time for yourself. Never give up. truly. Who am i talking to? me? or you? I figure I am talking to myself and this has strangely made it easier for me to release anything. I have resolved to put forth much more effort to taking a few moments to gift myself this little peace. Please do not ever take anything i say or anyone else ever says TOO seriously…after all , its only a passing glance of the big picture. Of all i might think to say about a new year on the new moon…….i mostly wish to express that i am paying more attention now and i delight in all that i am about to enjoy! I have been all over the place it seems this past year and i am now learning to stand still and listen more. It is ok to be good to YOU!!

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