50 yard line.

I cannot remember if I made a journal entry days before i turned 50, but even if I had, it all went up in the fire. I was working so hard to finish nursing school that everything else took a back burner. The fire took everything i ever owned pretty much and a few beloved pets. But it also brought with it, I would come to realize later, so many new beginnings. I started a new college towards my BSN, a new job as a brand-new R.N., and new living space close to the land in the woods. New plans have been finalized to build a beautiful new house and all sorts of new beginnings are on the way just three months later. Here I am beginning a second half century and looking forward all this journey has in store for me. I have more dreams I wish to achieve; I would like to pick up more women in my cohort as friends to join me in the journey. There is so much that has not been passed down to women even still. Conversations about who we are and how our bodies and our minds will change, needs to be reborn. I am feeling a calling at 50 to make more connections with kindred spirits who are about to enter this phase of their life and hear the call as well. I cannot focus as well as I want to as I write this, but I was determined to update my blog as an affirmation of my commitment to taking a few moments to share my thoughts and a little piece of my heart in this space. Have you turned 50 yrs.? What have you learned and what would you like to share with those women who come after you? Has your perspective on life changed much? Surely, there will be others out there who have been seeking the same guidance as I. Although, there are only 9 months left in the year but i hope to and bet it will be filled with many big and wonderful things with some good wisdom along the way. Cheers to all the quinquagenarians! Thanks for joining me.

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