Dearest Cath…

The summer is nearly at an end and I havenot heard your voice in months. I know I said I would email but I miss not hearing from you as well. I talk to you in my head a lot these days. Did you ever really exist? Are you just a figment of my imagination?  What crosses your mind on sleepless nights late into the midnight hour? Perhaps you are detached from this knowing no one wants to know? I want to know. I feel like I’m going crazy dealing with the apathy of the world.zhow can I shine my light when I expend so much energy trying to keep it lit amidst a mad world working overtime to snuff me out? Has everyone lost their desire to find the greater purpose for our existence? How have you manage to live 15years beyond me and avoid insanity? No one wants to offer a genuine smile anymore. Most people we encounter are so caught up in speeding past us on the interstate or lashing out because we are impassable. Western culture has really spun out of control with self advancement and greed being the fuel that drives them. I dream for us to slowdown.downsize. Go back to tribes. What do yOu dream of ? Whose words are you soaking in these days? Lately I have been wishing we had time like we had when I was young and I could find shelter from the chaos in the world by  hiding in the bubble we created together. A world of our own. I miss your warm andloving embrace. I miss being best understood by you. Whatever your path has laid for you I am sending my love and warmth across the miles to you. I was eager to see you in November.i haven’t heard anything more of us meeting halfway. I thinK of you often. I hope you know how truly magical you are. I am blessed beyond words by our encounter.though at times it seems only as if a dream I concoctedlong ago to escape the trauma of my childhood! I know I learned of real love once upon a time long ago. I’m in Asheville right now. I should be present in this moment. I shall try to arrive there now.know you are truly loved beyond measure. -me

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